Yale Superior Cylinder

Essex Composite Door Shop is delighted to be able to supply a host of Yale cylinders for all applications and security requirements. We have the TS007 which was created in response to fears about cylinder attacks. This includes the Platinum series cylinder, approved to TS007 3 stars without the need for extra security furniture. The Yale Platinum 3 Star cylinder contains a sacrificial front section and offers immense toughness against various methods of attack.

With the intention of developing one of the most secure cylinders around, the Yale Superior TS007 1 Star cylinder was rigorously tested. This testing process has resulted in a cylinder that’s anti-bump, drill, pick, tamper, torque and force resistant. Any attempts to saw, wrench, corrode or burn out the cylinder will be unsuccessful.

You also have access to the Yale KM cylinder offering British Kitemarked TS007 1 star security and fully Secured by Design. This cylinder excels at security and can withstand significant attack. 5 keys are supplied with all Yale cylinders as standard.

Ultion Cylinder

The Ultion cylinder is widely considered to be one of the securest cylinders money can buy – it refused to be beaten in testing. Even minus cylinder protectors or additional secure door handles, the Ultion cylinder still manages to pass all major British security standard tests. They’re very intensive tests too as they include the highest TS007 standard (3 Star) and the extended Sold Secure Diamond test, as put together by the Master Locksmith Association.

When it detects a forced entry, ‘Lock Down Mode’ comes into operation and activates an attack lock directly into the central cam. An intruder that gets through the Ultion’s two sacrificial sections will find it impossible to get to the attack lock as it is shielded deep inside a solid molybredum core, protected by a dedicated retaining pin. You will still be able to operate the lock normally from inside when the Ultion cylinder has been activated in the event of an attack so that you retain total control of home security.

Yale Lockmaster Lock

Made in the UK, the Lockmaster is a multi-point lock that has been specially designed and tested to provide supreme security, exactly what any house proud homeowner expects from their composite door. Given the much coveted Secured by Design accreditation, the Lockmaster features a mixture of hooks and anti-lift bolts to bolster security. It has also received BBA certification in relation to security, performance and corrosion resistance. A 10-year guarantee is also provided and you get a 15-year service history, highlighting its unrivalled reliability.  

The Lockmaster is also fully compatible with the Yale Keyfree, a product that enables a householder to gain entry to their home via a remote fob or secure PIN code, rather than a traditional key. It also comes with various hooks and anti-lift bolts, so it will provide optimum security to any property.

Winkhaus AV2 "Slam Lock"

The entire functionality of a door will be transformed once the ‘Slam Lock’ has been assimilated into a door. Traditionally, any hooks on a door with multipoint locks engage when you lift the handle. The Slam Lock changes things as it causes the hooks to engage at the point when the door is closed. Utilising the Winkhaus AV2 system, it gives customers’ peace of mind as they can rest assured the hooks are engaged whenever the door is closed. A turn of the key is all it takes to bolt the door from the inside and the door hooks open with a turn of the key from the outside.

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