Stay safe and secure with our National Home Security Month tips

This year marks the seventh year that October has been National Home Security Month throughout the UK. 

National Home Security Month was developed as an Initiative to emphasis the importance of home security to homeowners throughout the country.

Whilst sometimes overlooked, the security of your home includes both your front and back doors, so we’ve come up with a few hints and tips on things you should be looking for when looking to replace your front or back door. 


Door material

There are a range of different things you should look out for when looking for a door. One obvious thing is making sure the style and colour suit the aesthetics of your home and what you’re looking for, but you should also consider the level of security the door offers.

Our composite doors consist of a combination of materials, including PVC, solid timber and glass-reinforced plastic, which together make a door that is strong and secure, unrivalled by other doors available on the market. 

A great investment for your home, our composite doors provide added security and peace of mind knowing you and your family are kept safe – something you can’t guarantee with other material doors. 


The lock

Home intruders, unfortunately, are recognising weak spots in doors of all shapes and sizes. 

These are weak spots that you’re likely to have not thought of, so it’s important that you consider and research whether or not the door and lock will withstand a forced entry attempt. 

Here at the Essex Composite Door Shop, we not only have a beautiful stylish large range of door options, but we offer our Door Stop ERA Lock.

Door Stop ERA Lock can withstand forced entry and not fail under pressure! We’re so confident in it that we offer a Secure Guarantee with it, meaning further peace of mind with one of our doors knowing your home is kept safe from intruders.


Tried and tested

All our doors are tried and tested by the British Standards Institution (BSI), meaning they are independently tested to ensure they offer top security. However, we like to go that extra step and test them for ourselves once they’ve passed the BSI test.

We use popular tools used by intruders on our doors. These tools include crowbars, hammers, credit cards and more and all have passed. We’ve even got our doors checked out by the Police, who have further approved the doors strength and ability to withstand forced entry.


Why risk it? Stay safe this National Home Security Month and for all the months after with a replacement door from Essex Composite Doors. 

Plus, as we’re now approved as a Which? Trusted Trader with recommendations from 100% of our customers, you’d be silly to go elsewhere.

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