Invest In Our Energy Efficient Composite Doors To Stay Warm This Winter

3 months ago

When you close your front door behind you the last thing you want is to be able to feel cold draughts coming through as you expect it to shut the weather out. But as traditional entranceways age their thermal performance diminishes and the air from outside can find a way past any of the door’s nooks and crannies.

Once draughts get into your hallway they can drift into other areas of the house and force you to cover up and turn up your thermostat. If this winter gets really wild, you could be in for an extremely chilly few months.

To help defend your home against the elements throughout the winter months, we recommend that you replace your current front door (and your rear door too if necessary) for one of our energy efficient composite doors.

Door energy efficiency at its best

A mix of energy efficient materials is used to create our stunning composite doors including UPVC and wood and they’re coated with a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) skin. Their U-values are unbelievably low, something that’s especially true of our energy-saving composite doors.

These energy-saving doors will save you a massive amount of money on heating costs as draughts will be completely eliminated upon their installation and they’ll retain warmth far more effectively than your ordinary door. Just think of the significant energy savings you will accumulate over the 20+ year’s lifespan of a composite door if you are at all hesitant to pay out for a new door – the investment will be small fry in comparison.

A much cosier hallway and home will make it a more welcoming household for those that come to visit and cross the threshold at Christmas, New Year and across winter.


Those with a creative mind and a very fixed idea of what their perfect energy efficient composite door would look like can use our door designer to get the door they want from the Essex Composite Door Shop.












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