New Door, Cheaper Bills With An Essex Composite Door

Are you finding your energy bills shooting up this time of year? That will soon be a thing of the past with an energy efficient Essex Composite Door.

One of our core values when it comes to our doors, we ensure they don’t just meet the current energy efficiency standards, but exceed them through independent further testing. 

That coupled with our commitment to provide only the best for our customers, we create the strong beautiful doors that can last a lifetime.


How is a door from Essex Composite Door so energy efficient?

There are many reasons why, but here’s a run through the most important.

Only the best materials

Our doors are made from top quality materials assured of enhanced thermal performance in all weather conditions, saving you money on your energy bills whilst also adding aesthetics to the front of your house.

We have a calcium zinc based compound added during the extrusion of each door frame, making them more eco-friendly than other doors in the market. 


High energy ratings

Our doors were the first to be certified with an energy rating in 2011, but we then went on to further that by developing the very first ‘A’ energy rated door.

Essex’s energy efficient composite doors come with an energy rating certificate based on independent expert data from the Building Research Establishment, endorsed by the British Fenestration Ratings Council. Therefore you know what your buying and save money on your bills we ensure – it’s only the best from us.


Long lifespans

Our doors are a far cry from other doors with the potential of a 35 year lifespan, instead of the previous five years. 

Created with a range of strong materials, including a hardwood inner frame for extra durability and an insulated polyurethane foam core, our doors use such forward advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure both a long a successful lifespan and energy efficiency. 

Low maintenance 

With our beautiful designs and styles available, we make sure they look in pristine condition all year round.

An Essex Composite Door only needs an occasional wipe due to its 2mm GRP outer skin. Our doors won’t twist, rot or wrap as doors did ten years ago.


Planned out distribution

For each door we carefully plan delivery routes for each door ahead of delivery, ensuring low fuel consumption and keeping both our and your carbon footprint low.


Why not take a look at our door range and save yourself money with an energy efficient door from the Essex Composite Door Shop.

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