Improve your kerb appeal with these A/W door trends

With winter well and truly here, being wrapped up at home with the candles lit seems to be the best idea going.

Making your home cosy may mean updating your interior, but what about the outside?

What about that homely welcome when you first set your eyes on your home, ready to get out of the cold and into the warmth and comfort?

One big, and simple change you can make to the front of your home is to replace your current door with a brand new composite door. After all, the front of your house is equivalent to a first impression.

The current colour of the year is ‘living coral’. A colour you’re probably familiar with – seeing it in and around retail stores – so it’s likely you may already have this, or a related shade of colour, already in your home. 

With colours in that colour scheme such as poppy red, available in a wide range of door styles and colours of composite doors to suit, why not have a look at our range and find the perfect door for your home?

Whilst our composite doors are both energy efficient, saving you money on your bills, and available in a range of styles, we also offer a variety of furniture and hardware for your new door.

Our door furniture and hardware are up-to-date with the latest trends found not only on Instagram feeds but in those glossy home interior magazines, we love to flick through.

From a classical gold look to compliment the chosen “living coral” colour to the muted brushed silver symmetrical look found on our beautiful modern doors, we’ve got it all to offer alongside our composite doors.

If you’re looking to update the front of your home this season, why not look towards a replacement door? Here at the Essex Composite Door Shop, we’ve got a range of beautiful high-quality doors to suit every home.

Make your home the envy of your neighbours with a new door this season. 


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