Traditional Composite Doors

Retain the authentic styling of your existing entranceway and enhance it with the addition of a traditional composite door. We have developed a series of period-inspired composite door designs and they’re all available in a fabulous array of classic colours to help give you a new residential door that looks like it’s forever been a part of your home.

2 Panel 2 Arch

2 Panel 2 Angle

2 Panel 2 Square

4 Panel 1 Arch

2 Panel 1 Arch

2 Panel 1 Square

2 Panel 2 Square 1 Arch

6 Panel

4 Panel 2 Square

4 Panel Sunburst

2 Panel 1 Grill

2 Panel Sunburst

4 Panel

Prices include fitting and VAT.


Finish Your Door In Style

All tastes are catered for in terms of colour as we can offer you everything from the timelessness of Black to the dynamism of Poppy Red. When the finish is applied to your choice of traditional composite door it promises lasting beauty and won’t need any of the tiresome upkeep associated with timber doors.


Exquisite Hardware

Make your traditional composite door the most distinctive design on your street by utilising the multiple hardware solutions available. We supply handles, hinges, letterboxes and a host of other hardware products in a variety of styles, allowing you to create a door that has a personality all of its own.


Gorgeous Glazed Options

Insert decorative glass into the one or more glazed sections of a traditional composite door to emphasise your new door installation. Our intricately designed glass comes in an assorted series of fetching patterns when you want to enhance privacy and make a splash, or you can always stick to tried and tested plain glass.


Create Your Door Online

You have the power to create your own traditional composite door. Our user-friendly online door designer gives you control over the entire design so that you can try out different styles, finishes and hardware until you find a look that you love. Use your desktop computer or mobile device to execute the perfect door.