Modern Composite Doors

Get the ultimate in door security and protect your residence from intruders via the resilience of a modern composite door. Composed using a string of robust materials, modern composite doors provide unrivalled strength and come in a wide selection of coloured finishes – they’re guaranteed to transform any property type.

Twin Side



3 Diamond

Twin Side

3 Square


4 Square

Cottage Half Glaze

1 Square

3 Square

Prices include fitting and VAT.


Express Yourself Through Colour

One of the toughest decisions you face is trying to decide which colour will best finish off your modern composite door design. We say it will be tough because we stock so many coloured options. Traditionalists will be drawn towards our classic White colour, whilst those seeking something a bit bolder tend to adore Chartwell Green.


Furnish Your Door

When selecting a colour you also need to pick out the most suitable hardware for your modern composite door. A number of up-to-the-minute handles, hinges, letterboxes, door knockers and alike have been produced and can be easily integrated into your design, dependent on the style you’re looking to achieve.


Elegant Glazing

Most modern composite doors have large or small glazed openings, giving you the opportunity to fill them with plain, bevelled, coloured or textured glass. Your door will be pattern perfect when you opt for glass with an eye-catching effect, so don’t be afraid to go for glass that you know will have the biggest impact.


Use Our Door Designer

For a modern composite door that ticks all of your boxes, try using our online door designer. Create a door right before your eyes with just a few clicks and have the final say on everything. Have a good play around and once you have settled on something you can request a quote for the proposed door design.