Composite Doors

There has been a huge rise of interest in composite doors to the point where they have begun to rival UPVC doors in the popularity stakes. Arguably, their biggest selling point is the sturdiness they offer which lessens the risk of thieves managing to charge their way through the door and into your private living space.

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Secure Protection

We have already mentioned the sustained durability provided by a composite door and this is complemented with a sophisticated multi-point locking mechanism. Combining a resilient frame with a proven tamper-proof locking system makes a composite door a formidable addition to any home.



Customers are often astounded when they found out that a composite door isn’t crafted from timber as you would swear blind that it was a wooden door. It also feels identical to timber to the touch. The main benefit of it not being a wooden door is that you won’t have to worry about future maintenance.

Energy efficient doors

Energy Efficient

Any draughts that forced their way through your old front door will disappear from the moment a composite door has been fitted. Instead, it will massively improve insulation and provide outstanding heat retention. The warmth it generates in your hallway will spread its way around the rest of the house.